About Anala

Anala Rabari has always been fascinated with the history and culture of the Middle East.  While obtaining her degrees in Anthropology, she took many classes on Middle East culture and learned Arabic.  After finishing her Masters the chance to learn Middle Eastern dance came her way and she couldn't resist.  

Anala has been belly dancing since 2002; performing with Meira Nawal at several community festivals.  She made her solo debut at Springfest 2005 and after substituting for her instructor, she decided to take the plunge into teaching.  She has a background in ballroom and Native American dancing.   

In May 2006 Anala started producing Shimmy Cast.  Her vision was to create and informative podcast for fans and dancers of Middle Eastern bellydance.  Segments include product reviews, world bellydance events, articles about important dance topics, and a discussion topic for all dancers to voice their opinions.

Since starting Shimmy Cast Anala has assembled a staff of ten (only 5 of which she knows in person!).  This wonderful group covers all the diversity of the world of bellydance, from cabaret, to ATS, to folkloric, Tribal fusion, and even Gothic bellydance.  Since starting Shimmy Cast Anala has realized that even though her intent was to create a great resource for others, she has learned more about this artform for her self.

In 2009, Anala left the troupe, Meira Nawal.  She and some of her closest dance sisters formed a new troupe.  The new troupe is Raqs Akia and they have been greatly received by the community for numerous performances.

Anala Rabari is Hindi for "fiery gypsy."

You can email her at shimmycast@gmail.com

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